Going Live on Social Media


I'm sitting behind my computer and when I look to my left, I see the new painting I'm working on. It's large, 160x200cm/ 63x78" and I have been working on it for a few months. This is one of those paintings that develop slow but steady and don't give too much headache but will stay bland forever if I don't add something exciting. So I have been looking at it for weeks and last week I decided to add an extra large line drawing of a girl playing with sand. I thought it would contrast in an interesting way with the rest of the painting but it didn't work at all! So irritating when this happens, when you have an effect in mind that just doesn't work out! Luckily I'm like a dog with a bone, I won't let go until I'm happy and finally this morning things started to turn and I felt this happy flutter in my stomach, a sure sign I'm on to something!


Watch me paint. I went live on Instagram and Facebook earlier today. Yes I will turn my iPhone to landscape next time  


First stage: line drawing

Second stage: line drawing is not working, let's try a black & white painting technique

Third stage: not happy with the black & white painting technique

The fourth stage: let's introduce some color. I like the leg, the rest not so much...

The fifth stage: more color, this is going somewhere but all of a sudden I'm not able to get the head right...what's going on!

The sixth stage: This feels good. This is going somewhere. Not done yet, but feeling very hopeful!

Detail 1.


Detail 2.