Watch how I paint this!

People always ask me to create more videos of how I paint. At the moment I have two setups in my studio so that I can video when I'm working at my work bench or when I'm behind the easel. I created this ink drawing a week ago. I mostly start directly with ink instead of setting up a sketch with pencil. There is no going back but we never get anywhere without taking a bit of a risk don't you agree? The worst thing that can happen, is that I need to get a new piece of paper and start over! Oh okay that's not completely fair: it can also cost me my sunny disposition with I'm just not able to get into the flow (yes that does happen!).

Check out this video to see which way it will go!




This painting and three others are a tribute to all the playing beach fathers out there! This series not only depicts the bond that most fathers have with their children, but also how they can go out of their way to play with them. I have been photographing at the beach for quite some years now and it is often the fathers that join kids in the water or help them build sandcastles!

This is a special series, they will only be available for a week and it will be a limited edition of only 10 art prints per original painting.

👉 On top of this special, if you order more than one art print (can be any print), I will give you a 30% DISCOUNT on all prints!